85 Fun Websites to Explore and Enjoy

As a web design enthusiast,

I know how much you value the sheer diversity of the online universe.

Yes, there are serious, practical, and educational sites –

they serve their purpose well.

But sometimes, you just need a break from the usual – to step into the extraordinary, the exciting, the downright fun.

That’s why I’ve compiled this ultimate list of fun websites for you to explore and enjoy. Whether you’re bored, curious, or just need a good laugh, these websites have you covered.

So, why wait?

Let’s embark on this virtual adventure!

1. A Soft Murmur

fun websites

Ever feel like you just want to be transported somewhere tranquil?

A Soft Murmur lets you do just that. With its customizable ambient sounds, you can create your perfect soundscape to relax, study, or work. Need the sound of a gentle rain or the chirping of birds to soothe your soul?

They got you covered.

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2. Radio Garden

The Radio Garden website is one of my favorite sites. It is a fantastic resource for music lovers as it enables you to listen to radio stations worldwide. From American country to Brazilian Samba, you can explore new music and cultures without leaving your seat.

3. The Useless Web

Sometimes the best way to kill time online is to embrace the randomness. Enter The Useless Web, one of the funniest websites that will take you to a variety of fun, strange, and totally useless websites.

It’s a fun game of Internet roulette that can easily turn into a fun way to spend a few hours.

4. Bored Button

If you’re wondering which websites to visit when bored, you can’t go wrong with the Bored Button. This site curates a collection of fun, interesting websites with a single button press. Each click brings a new, fun site to explore – from games to jokes, to interactive visualizations. You never know what you’re going to get.

5. This Is Sand

Artistry and relaxation meet in This is Sand. On this cool website, you transform your screen into a canvas of sand. Just click and drag your mouse to create mesmerizing landscapes, patterns, or whatever your heart desires. It’s a simple concept, but oh so satisfying.

6. The Secret Door

Intrigued by what’s behind the door?

The Secret Door is an interesting website that takes you to random places in the world using Google Street View.

It’s a fantastic way to virtually explore new locations and cultures.

7. Little Alchemy 2

Remember mixing substances in a chemistry lab? Little Alchemy 2 is a fun site where you get to play scientists and combine different elements to create new ones. Starting with only four basic elements – air, earth, fire, and water – you can create hundreds of items, all from the comfort of your browser.

8. Window Swap

Window Swap is one of those cool websites that give you a glimpse into the everyday life of people around the world. Users submit videos of the view from their windows, and you can browse through them, experiencing different views, sounds, and atmospheres.

It’s an interesting way to feel connected in a global village.

9. The Museum of Endangered Sounds

This website is a haven for all your childhood memories, preserving the sounds of old technologies that are no longer in use. From the screeching of a dial-up modem to the chime of a Nokia cellphone, this website takes you back to simpler times.

10. Sporcle

Sporcle is a popular website for quizzes in every category imaginable. Whether you’re a movie buff, a geography guru, or a sports enthusiast, there’s a fun quiz for you. It’s a fantastic way to test your knowledge and learn new facts.

11. Instructables

For DIY project enthusiasts, Instructables is a great website full of unique gift ideas, recipes, crafts, and more. This site is a treasure trove of creativity and innovation, where users share their projects and how they made them, with detailed step-by-step instructions.

12. Cool Material

Cool Material is a shopping site that features a collection of cool gadgets, gear, and men’s lifestyle items. From stylish apparel to home accessories, you’ll find a collection of well-designed and unique products here.

13. XKCD

If you love science, technology, mathematics, and humor, XKCD is for you. This comic strip website features simple stick figures but covers complex and interesting topics with humor and wit. The punch line often has a scientific or tech twist, making this a unique blend of education and entertainment.

14. The Onion

Satirical news coverage at its best, The Onion is famous for its tongue-in-cheek take on mainstream media and current events. It’s a funny website that’s worth a visit when you need a laugh.

15. Unsplash

Unsplash is a fantastic website for beautiful, free-to-use photography. Whether you’re a blogger, a graphic designer, or just appreciate stunning visuals, Unsplash is a great resource.

16. Akinator

This website features a mind-reading game where you think of a character, answer a series of questions, and Akinator, the web genie, guesses who it is. It’s surprisingly accurate and a fun way to waste time.

17. Dear Photograph

This unique website marries past and present in a beautiful, nostalgic way. Users submit two photos: an old photo and a new one of the old photos taken in the same location. The emotional captions add to the allure, making this site a time capsule of human experiences.

18. Window of the World

Want to visit the Eiffel Tower, the Pyramids of Giza, or the Taj Mahal? Window of the World offers an interactive tour of iconic landmarks around the world from the comfort of your home.

19. Airpano

Airpano offers a collection of high-resolution 360° panoramas of the world’s wonders. Each virtual tour comes with a short description, making this website a fantastic resource for virtual travel and education.

20. Silk

Silk is an interactive visualization tool that lets you create beautiful, flowing art with just a few mouse movements. It’s a simple, yet fun website to play with.

21. Zooniverse

Zooniverse is the world’s largest platform for people-powered research. This website allows you to take part in real research projects from the comfort of your own home, contributing to vital work on subjects as diverse as climate change, wildlife conservation, and galaxy exploration.

22. FutureMe

At FutureMe, you can send a letter to your future self. Just write a letter, set a date in the future, and it will be emailed to you on that date. It’s a fun site that encourages self-reflection and can be quite enlightening.

23. Ravelry

Ravelry is a community site for knitters and crocheters. With thousands of patterns, a comprehensive yarn database, and active forums, it’s a fantastic resource for crafters.

24. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is a digital library offering free access to books, movies, and music, as well as billions of archived web pages. It’s an interesting website, preserving digital history for generations to come.

25. Cool Hunting

This website is a daily update on ideas and products at the intersection of art, design, culture, and technology. Cool Hunting is a fun website that curates the best in design, travel, culture, and culinary offerings.

26. Patatap

Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit that lets you create melodies and animations using your keyboard. It’s a fun, interactive way to waste time and create some cool stuff.

27. Mental Floss

Mental Floss is a fun website that serves a mix of interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teasers. It’s a fun way to learn and test your knowledge.

28. MUBI

MUBI is a curated streaming service, a distributor, and a global film club. If you’re a film enthusiast looking for something beyond mainstream cinema, MUBI is a fantastic website to explore.

29. Find the Invisible Cow

“Find the Invisible Cow” is an absurd yet entertaining browser game where you have to locate a hidden cow on a blank page just by hearing its voice. This site is an example of such time-wasting websites that are both fun and addictive.

30. Staggering Beauty

In Staggering Beauty, you control a long, wiggly creature that dances around your screen. The fun part is what happens when you shake your mouse vigorously. Hint: It’s a wild, flashing disco party!

31. WeaveSilk

WeaveSilk is a fun website where you can create digital art with interactive generative design. With a few clicks and drags, you can create intricate, beautiful patterns. It’s simple, yet mesmerizing.

32. Incredibox

Music lovers will find Incredibox, a music-mixing website, quite interesting. The site lets you create your beatbox band, and drag and drop icons to create music tracks. Not only can you create your music, but you can also share it with others.

33. Space Jam

Feeling nostalgic? The Space Jam website hasn’t changed since 1996. It’s a nostalgic blast from the past, a fun website that reminds us of the early days of the internet.

34. Flash by Night

Flash by Night offers a collection of flash games from the past. While Flash is no longer supported, the site is still a nice memory of the good old days of browser games.

35. Zerg Rush

Type “Zerg Rush” into Google, and watch as a bunch of ‘O’s from Google’s logo start attacking your search results. It’s a fun, interactive browser game to kill time online.

36. Buzzfeed Quizzes

Buzzfeed Quizzes are a fun, light-hearted way to pass the time. From pop culture to food preferences, these fun quizzes cover a wide range of topics.

37. JustWatch

JustWatch is a fantastic resource for movie and TV show lovers. It aggregates content from various streaming platforms and tells you where you can watch a particular movie or series online.

38. Web Sudoku

Web Sudoku is one of the most fun websites for puzzle enthusiasts. It offers thousands of Sudoku puzzles of different difficulty levels. It’s a fantastic way to challenge your mind and spend time online.

39. Shorpy

Shorpy is an interesting website full of high-resolution historical photos. If you’re a history buff, this site is a fantastic way to get a visual glimpse into the past.

40. My Fridge Food

Have a few random ingredients in your fridge and don’t know what to make? My Fridge Food lets you enter what you have on hand, and it suggests recipes you can make with them. It’s a fun site and a fantastic resource for home cooks.

41. Run Pee

Ever been to a movie and didn’t want to miss anything by going to the bathroom? Run Pee tells you the best time to go so you won’t miss any important scenes. It’s one of those cool websites that you didn’t know you needed!

42. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

In our busy world, Do Nothing for 2 Minutes encourages you to pause and do absolutely nothing for two minutes. It’s a fun website that helps promote relaxation and mindfulness.

43. Hacker Typer

Hacker Typer is a fun website where you can pretend to be a hacker. Just smash your keyboard, and it translates your inputs into hacker-like code on the screen. It’s pointless, but it’s fun.

44. The Oatmeal

The Oatmeal is a fun website full of humorous comics, quizzes, and stories. The creator, Matthew Inman, uses humor and sarcasm to discuss everyday life and various interesting topics.


GIPHY is the home of GIFs. It’s a fantastic website to find and share animated GIFs. From reaction GIFs to ones from your favorite shows, GIPHY has it all.

46. Lamebook

Lamebook is a funny website that collects and shares the funniest and lamest posts from Facebook. It’s a good place to visit when you need a laugh.

47. Rainy Mood

Rainy Mood is one of those fun websites that soothe your senses. It provides the sound of a gentle rainstorm that you can play in the background while working, studying, or relaxing.

48. Zoomquilt

Zoomquilt is a hypnotic, infinitely zooming image and collaborative art project. As you plunge deeper into the image, new artistic scenery continues to unfold. It’s a fantastic example of interactive visualization.

49. Autocorrect Fail

Autocorrect Fail compiles some of the funniest autocorrect mishaps from across the internet. It’s a fun website that will leave you laughing.

50. VSauce

VSauce is a YouTube channel known for its educational videos on scientific, psychological, mathematical, and philosophical topics. It’s an interesting website and YouTube channel that provides answers to fascinating questions.

51. The Useless Web Index

This site is a collection of fun, useless websites. From the famous ‘Potato or Tomato’ to the entertaining ‘Bury Me with my money,’ the site offers hours of fun.

52. Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos is a funny website that shares the most awkward, cringeworthy, and hilarious family photos sent in by users from around the world.

53. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is a popular website known for its entertaining quizzes, listicles, and pop culture articles. It’s a fun website to browse and waste time.

54. This or That

This or That is a simple website where you are given two options, and you have to choose one. It’s a fun game that can lead to some interesting debates.

55. Imgur

Imgur is an online image-sharing community. It’s a great place to find funny pictures, memes, GIFs, and more.

56. Agar.io

Agar.io is a fun and addictive multiplayer game where you control a small cell and eat others to grow larger. It’s a fantastic website for playing browser games.

57. Wimp

Wimp is a family-friendly website that shares a collection of interesting, inspirational, and entertaining videos from around the web.

58. Pogo

Pogo is a great website that offers a variety of online games, including puzzle games, card games, and board games. It’s a fun website for playing games.

59. Radio Garden

Radio Garden is a fascinating website that lets you tune into live radio stations around the globe. It’s a fun and interesting way to explore different cultures through music.

60. The Odd 1s Out

The Odd 1s Out is a comic strip website by cartoonist James Rallison. The comics are funny, relatable, and cover a wide range of topics.

61. A Soft Murmur

A Soft Murmur is a website that allows you to create custom ambient sounds. You can mix sounds like rain, thunder, waves, and more to create the perfect atmosphere.

62. Bored Button

Bored Button is a website that brings you to a random fun website each time you press the button. It’s a great way to discover new and interesting websites.

63. Netflix Hangouts

Netflix Hangouts is a fun website that allows you to watch Netflix at work by making it look like you’re on a conference call.

64. Little Alchemy

Little Alchemy is a simple but addictive game where you combine different elements to try and create new ones.

65. Post-Secret

Post Secret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a postcard. It’s a unique and fascinating website.

66. Homestar Runner

Homestar Runner is a flash-animated internet cartoon. It mixes surreal humor with references to pop culture and mixes it with a nostalgic layout complete with games and other fun interactive elements.

67. Endless Horse

Endless Horse is a fun website with a simple concept: a horse with endless legs. No matter how much you scroll, the horse’s legs keep going!

68. MapCrunch

MapCrunch teleports you to a random place in the world on Google Street View, and you have to navigate your way home.

69. This is Sand

This is Sand is a unique website that allows you to create beautiful landscapes using just sand.

70. Twitch

Twitch is a popular website where users can watch or stream themselves playing video games. It’s a fun site that also hosts events like gaming competitions and live music shows.

71. GeoGuessr

GeoGuessr is a fun game where you’re placed somewhere in the world on Google Street View and have to guess your location.

72. Play Retro Games

Play Retro Games is a fantastic website that allows you to play classic video games right in your browser.

73. Sporcle

Sporcle is a fun website that features thousands of quizzes in a variety of subjects. It’s a great way to test your knowledge and learn new things.

74. Slime Road

Slime Road is a fun, colorful game where you control a ball bouncing down a narrow, winding road.

75. The Useless Web

The Useless Web is a fun website that takes you to random websites with no purpose other than to entertain you.

76. Internet Live Stats

Internet Live Stats is an interesting website that shows various statistical counters about the internet, like the number of websites, emails sent, blog posts written, and more.

77. Worldometers

Worldometers provide live world statistics on population, government, economics, society, media, environment, food, water, energy, and health.

78. Gnoosic

Gnoosic is a self-adapting discovery engine that asks for your three favorite bands, then gives you a recommendation for another you might like. It’s an excellent tool for music lovers.

79. A Good Movie to Watch

Struggling to find a movie to watch?
A Good Movie to Watch offers movie suggestions that are highly rated but not well known. It’s a fantastic resource for movie lovers.

80. Unsplash

Unsplash is a fun website that offers beautiful, free photos gifted by the world’s most generous community of photographers.

81. The Wiki Game

The Wiki Game is a fun website where you start on one Wikipedia page and have to navigate to another using only the hyperlinks within the articles.

82. XKCD

XKCD is a comic strip on the internet that focuses on humor, tech, and life. The comics often involve science, technology, and life.

83. Window Swap

Window Swap is a fun website that allows you to view other people’s windows from around the world. It’s an interesting way to see what life is like in different places.

84. 10-Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail is a fun website that provides a temporary email address that expires after 10 minutes. It’s great for signing up for things that you don’t want to receive emails from.

85. Have I Been Pwned

Have I Been Pwned is a website that allows you to check if your personal data has been compromised by data breaches?

It’s an important and useful website.

FAQ Section

What is the most fun website?

It’s subjective and depends on personal preferences. However, websites like Radio Garden, Little Alchemy, and A Good Movie to Watch are among the most fun websites to visit.

Are there websites to cure boredom?

Yes, there are many websites to cure boredom. Websites like The Useless Web, Bored Button, and GeoGuessr can help kill time and keep you entertained.

What are some fun game websites?

Websites like Pogo, Agar.io, and Little Alchemy offer a variety of fun games to play.

What are some interesting websites to visit when bored?

Websites like Mental Floss, Post Secret, and Endless Horse are interesting websites to visit when bored.

What are some of the best websites to visit?

The best websites to visit depending on what you’re interested in. However, websites like Unsplash, Gnoosic, and Internet Live Stats are universally appealing.

Are there fun websites for music lovers?

Yes, Radio Garden and Gnoosic are fun websites that cater to music lovers.

Are there any fun websites to help with cooking?

Yes, My Fridge Food is a fun website that suggests recipes based on the ingredients you already have.

Are there any fun websites for movie lovers?

Yes, websites like MUBI, JustWatch, and A Good Movie to Watch are fun for movie lovers.

What are some fun websites for learning new things?

Websites like Mental Floss, VSauce, and Sporcle are great for learning new things in a fun way.

What are some fun websites for history lovers?

Shorpy is an interesting website for history lovers, featuring high-resolution historical photos.

In conclusion,

there are countless fun websites out there – whether you want to play games, learn new things, or just waste time.

The internet is a vast, amazing place filled with fascinating and fun websites to explore. Happy surfing!


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